InfosecGirls at OWASP Seasides 2020

March 5, 2020

InfosecGirls at OWASP Seasides (3rd to 5th March), 2020

This time Infosec Girls supported this thoughtful event organised by OWASP team at Goa by volunteering for it named as OWASP Seasides. The whole idea behind this event was to provide free trainings to cybersecurity enthusiasts. The objective was to connect security gurus with budding talent. And needless to say it was a huge success. The number of attendees and their wait for the next seasides event says it all.

Coming back to the event, it was systematically organised. The marketing team ensured every participant was aware of the trainings and their trainers much in advance so that they knew what all they can attend and if they needed to be prepared. Regular breaks were provided, lunch and food was taken care of. Everything under one roof. Free trainings allowed a lot of students to join in too. OWASP Seasides team also provided scholarships for students. Overall it was a fulfilling experience.

As a part of the support venture, infosec girls volunteered and ensured required help was provided to the seasides team so that they could achieve their objectives.


Also infosecgirls Leaders were awarded for their contributions in the chapters

• Ashwini Varadkar (InfosecGirls Mumbai chapter)

• Rupika Luhanch (InfosecGirls Jaipur chapter)

• Shrutirupa Banerjee (InfosecGirls Pune chapter)

• Bishakha Jain (Bringing the creative content)


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