Infosecgirls invited at Antarang Foundation

January 20, 2019

Antarang Foundation

Our Infosec girl Ashwini Varadkar, Mumbai Chapter Leader, was invited as a guest speaker at Antarang Foundation as a part of their CareerAware program for their students in January 2019.

​Antarang’s CareerAware program is for 8th Graders and aimed to encourage career exploration amongst their students from a young age. Throughout the year their students cover 7 career streams in detail. The month of January was dedicated to IT when Ashwini was invited.

 The following points were covered during the session:

  1. Introduction to IT.

  2. Educational qualification of entry level and higher level staffs.

  3. Different avenues one can explore within IT.

  4. Qualities and personality necessary to build a career in this sector.

  5. Professional journey

Antarang Foundation -

What Ashwini has to say:

Mentors have a potential to change lives! A little bit of positivity and guidance is all that is required to bring out the best in anybody!

Though pointers were defined by Antarang for all guest speakers, as a support, I ensured that I inculcated the skill of thinking in those young minds. Thinking in terms of what job roles exists. Simple. I told them to think of this class we are sitting in and find out stuffs that relate to IT. With this, I asked them to observe and tell me what possible job roles could exist in IT? This made them think and come up answers.

I was glad I could imbibe that. Similarly, if everyone visited and gave their inputs I think India’s youth will be benefit a lot and at budding age.