Winja – 2016

February 27, 2016

Winja is back again!!


Winja focuses on bringing women in tech ahead and to help them explore their potential in a

comfortable environment and to geek out without feeling intimidated.


Winja – CTF is a complete “challenge based” set of simulated hacking challenges relating to “Web

Security”, separated into small tasks that can be solved individually by the women attendees, who

will attempt to attack and defend the computers and networks using certain tools and network


The duration of the event would be of 2 hours.

The CTF is constituted of 3 parts

➔ Introduction to the event – 10 minutes

➔ Challenges to solve – 1 hr 40 minutes

➔ Feedback – 10 minutes

Winja – CTF lets you test your hacking skills and helps you learn new as well as different attack

methodologies to exploit a vulnerability.

This is a unique event with the aim to spread awareness of information security among the Women.

For more details about the event and registrations: