The Information Security Workshop at HasGeek House, Bangalore

February 24, 2015

The InfoSec girls organized a one-day workshop on 17th Jan 2015 on Information Security workshop at the HasGeek house. As it was part of the initiative it was all women event held in association with HasGeek. The event had close to 20-25 attendees with mixed crowd of students, developers, network admins & security analysts.

The workshop covered basics of Network and Web Application Security, which included topics like Nmap, Metasploit and Owasp Top 10.It was a hands-on session where the participants worked with the instructors. At the workshop we also spoke about career guidance, if they were looking for a switch to Infosec.

In the first half of the session we covered about the network basics where we taught the participants how to setup the kali linux and metasploitable. We also taught them how to attack vulnerable target host machine.

In the 2nd half we helped the participants to set up owasp BWA. We explained to them about owasp in brief and also explained the top 10 vulnerabilities along with demos using DVWA, which the participants enjoyed thoroughly.

After the training session, we had challenges in store for the participants from DVWA of different security level. 40mins-1hr time was given to the participants to solve the challenges.

The workshop concluded with feedback session . The participants did agree that they had a great time learning. We also asked the participants about their opinion on what are the challenges faced by women in tech community events.

We as instructors would also wish to share that we had a great time learning together with the participants. The participants were interactive and helpful which made it easy for us to stick to the agenda and deliver the workshop successfully. We wish to thank all the participants for being so amazing.

-Apoorva and Shruthi