HasGeek 17th January, 2015, HasGeek House, Bangalore

January 4, 2015

HasGeek conducts events (https://hasgeek.com) . We will be conducting a one day workshop covering career options and basics of application and network security. It will be a hands-on session. The participants will works along with us. The workshop will also have challenges at the end which the participants will have to crack individually.

InfoSec workshop intends to disseminate information and awareness about web and network applications security. Specifically, the workshop will cover Web Application Security (OWASP 2013 Top Ten) and Network Security using Nmap and Metasploit.

The workshop is an event exclusively for women participants.

Anyone with an interest in Information Security and to students / freshers who want to learn the basics of Web Application Security and Network Security can be a part of the workshop. The duration of the event would be 7 hours.

The main objective of this workshop is to reach out to women in technology, and get them to actively participate in security conferences and community meet-ups.

A brief introduction to the workshop includes:

  1. The objective of the event

  2. A brief overview of the environment the participants will be working on

  3. A general idea about the challenges waiting for them.

The workshop will cover a brief talk about the career options in the InfoSec domain.

We will also help the participants set up their laptops for the workshop.